Collection: Disposable Gloves For Barbers & Hairdressers

Here at Hygiene Supplies we carry a large range of cost effective disposable gloves that are perfect for, Mechanics, Hairdressers. Beauticians, Painters, Care Workers, Assembly Work, Food Industry and household everyday use. 

  • Each Box Contains of 100
  • These gloves are of the highest quality, and available In the following sizes.
  • Colour: Black , Blue, Pink, Purple

  • Size: Small , Medium ,Large, XL 

  • Thickness 0,15mm

  • New and in date

  • Powder free

  • Latex free

  • Accelerator free 

  • A hypoallergenic feature which are gentle on the skin

  • Flatten, smooth glove surface provides firmer gripping power to the hand and fingertip

  • It provides high perforation resistant and barrier protection to the had while dealing with sharp objects like needles

  • The ambidextrous feature reduces the time to sort the gloves for both the hands. It eliminates the confusion to worn on either the left or right hand. 

  • It is the perfect chemical resistant to the environmental pollutants 

  • Beaded cuff design provides better-donning efficiency if the gloves are moist 

  • The glove is made from synthetic rubber reduces the allergic reactions to the skin

  • Powder-free rubber design reduces the risk of contamination and three times stronger than the standard latex gloves. 

  • It gives the standard health, safety, and environmental protection since it is CE certified product


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  • Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves
    Nitrile Disposable Gloves Ideal Preventative Measure For Covid 19
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