Why should businesses test their employees?

Protecting your workforce 

Antigen Rapid Tests kits allow symptomatic staff to be tested for the coronavirus without having to rely on government testing.

Choosing to regularly test all employees without symptoms to pick up coronavirus infection early and minimise contact with other staff who may have to isolate too. Preventive measures can save your business having staffing issues during the pandemic.

Provides your employees with peace of mind

During these unprecedented times many employees are concerned about returning to the work environment, and having to use public transport. Delivering regular  testing can give them confidence and security to allow them to return to work. thanks 

Ensure your customers have confidence that your business is Covid-19 secure 

Whether you're a offer professional services, manufacturing, construction or retail, coronavirus testing can give your clients the reassurance they need to do business with you. These is vital as we enter in chartered territory 

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